Using Learning Maps

Our Learning Maps are your guide to inspiring and equipping the next generation of Messianic Jews and Gentiles for a lifetime of Kingdom work. Each Learning Map has the grade levels listed at the top and the topics on the left side of the table. At the point in which the grade levels and topics intersect are suggestions for what to focus on in that year. You will notice the skills build upon each other as the grade level increases and they all work towards the practical goal listed above the table.


To access resources, in our community resource library, click on the text where the grade levels and topics intersect, the resources will display below the Learning Maps. The resources can be filtered by type: book, activity, lesson plan and curriculum unit. The community resource library is continuously updated as users tell us about resources they use and Behold! continues to develop inspiring products for the community.

Getting Started

Ideally you will start using the Learning Maps with Pre-School aged kids and continue to build on the skills and topics each year. However, we know each kid comes in at a different level. You should start with the work for their current grade level with the idea of providing support for the background knowledge they will need to be successful at that level. This will especially be important for the Hebrew Learning Map.


The Learning Maps and community resource library are living resources and we need your help! If you have any feedback, suggestions, corrections, ideas or resources to tell us about, please know your input is welcomed and encouraged. Use the 'Tell Us About A Resource' link at the top of this page and use the 'Contact Us' link below to provide any other feedback.

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Thank You

A special thank you to the following people who have significantly contributed to the creation of the Learning Maps. Your help has been invaluable!

-Yoshi Mcleod

-Eleanor Ilana Rosen 


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