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Jewish Practice Learning Map

Goal: Understand and practice basic community-centered mitzvot.

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Stories of Shabbat
Stories of Shabbat
What do we do on Shabbat
Meals of Shabbat
Prayer/Torah Services of Shabbat
Study 39 Melachot
Study 39 Melachot
Study 39 Melachot
Modeh Ani/ Sh'ma (Part)
Avinu, Adon Olam, Aleinu (Part)
Ashrei, Aleinu
Shemoneh Esrei (First 9), Morning Blessings
Shemoneh Esrei (All), 3 Paragraphs After Sh'ma
Shemoneh Esrei (All), Structure of prayer
Shemoneh Esrei (All), Structure of prayer
Shemoneh Esrei (All)
Food Brachot
Food Brachot
Food Brachot
Grace After Meals
Other Brachot
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