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Pay By Semester

First of Two Payments, Second Payment Due By January 26th

Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School

2023-2024 Tuition


Class Name: Behold the Redemption

Age Group: 4th-6th Grades (Upper Elementary Class)

Learning Track: Discipleship to Yeshua


Description: Journey with Yeshua as he enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey, experiences death, then life and ascends into the Heavens with the promise of returning again. Interweaving within this narrative of the final days of his ministry, students will learn Yeshua’s teachings on the themes of repentance, destruction and exile and the hope of the final redemption.


Day and Time: Thursdays, 5:00pm-6:00pm (Central Time)

Frequency: Weekly, Year Long Class

Cost: $500 Total (Half now and other half before Spring Semester, scholarships and payment plans available.)

Behold the Redemption - Upper Elementary Class

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