Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School

Fall 2019 Tuition


Teacher: Jonathan Hughes, M.Ed.

Description: Paul tells us to pray without ceasing! In Judaism this is an easy task. With the set times of prayer and the many brachot (blessings) which are recited throughout the day, it is not difficult to keep God’s goodness in the front of our minds. In this practical and fun class, students will learn the brachot for various kinds of foods, the grace after meals blessings and other brachot they can say. By the end of this class your kid will be praying without ceasing!

Day and Time: Mondays 5:00pm-6:00pm (Central Time)

Frequency: Weekly

Age group: 4th through 6th grade

Brachot: Pray Without Ceasing Class

$240.00 Regular Price
$192.00Sale Price


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