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Spring 2021 Tuition


Class Name: Little Yeshua ben Yosef

Teacher: Whitney Green

Description: Most of us remember our Master’s miracles, his ministry, and his famous parables—but do you remember the extraordinary events that took place before his birth? In the Gospels we see miracles, angels sent by God, and hear great oracles all before Yeshua is even born! Join Mrs. Green as she brings these stories to life in this fun and faith-building class for 1st-3rd grade students!


Your kids will explore these unique events that lead to Yeshua’s birth and stories of his early childhood. Who was Zacharyah? Why did Yeshua’s parents have to flee from their home? What was King Herod afraid of? We will hopefully answer these questions and more as your kids travel back to where it all began—at the incense altar of the Holy Temple.

Day and Time: Tuesdays, 5:00pm-5:45pm (Central Time)

Frequency: Weekly

Age Group: 1st-3rd Grades

Cost: $240, scholarships and payment plans available.

Little Yeshua ben Yosef

$240.00 Regular Price
$168.00Sale Price


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