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Do you want your kids to learn Hebrew and have fun doing it!? Join us for Summer of Hebrew with Behold! 


A jam packed summer program featuring a three day Hebrew Bootcamp to get their learning started, activities to use at home to keep the learning going and Hebrew Boost nights to give them the little added boost they need to continue their journey towards Biblical Hebrew proficiency! Our program is leveled, so each student will learn at just the right place, from absolute beginners to advanced students!

All of this for the low price of $15 per student! You can’t beat a price like that!

Have your kids take the assessment below and sign up at the Summer of Hebrew signup page.

The Details


Hebrew Bootcamp will be June 21st-23rd from 1pm-2pm (Central)

Hebrew Boost nights will be Sunday, July 11th and August 8th from 6:30pm-7:30pm (Central)

Where: Online via Zoom.

Who: Any 1st-12th grade student.

How Much: $15 per student, optional learning materials carry an additional cost.


To make sure each student gets placed into the correct level for Hebrew Bootcamp, please have them complete the following assessment before signing up:

Summer of Hebrew Assessment

Audio Answer Key (to help you score the Summer of Hebrew Assessment):

Part 1 Audio Answer Key

Part 2 Audio Answer Key