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Behold! Messianic Jewish Educations Lear

Our Jewish Practice Learning Map will guide kids in some of the daily practices of Judaism.

Learning the daily prayers and blessings.

*This learning map is still being updated but we wanted to make the current resources available while we finish the update.*

Use this learning map and resources from our Community Resources Library to plan your family's religious education and your congregation/small group's children and youth programming.

Click a grade level topic below to display available resources from our Community Resources Library:

Jewish Practice Resources


Pre-K: Modeh Ani/ Sh'ma (Part)

Kindergarten: Avinu, Adon Olam, Aleinu (Part)

1st Grade: Ashrei, Aleinu

2nd Grade: Shemoneh Esrei (First 9), Morning Blessings

3rd Grade: Shemoneh Esrei (All), 3 Paragraphs After Sh'ma

4th Grade: Shemoneh Esrei (All), Structures of prayers

5th Grade: Using Tehillim as Prayer

6th Grade: Hitbodedut (Withdrawing to a place for prayer)

7th Grade-12th Grade: (Still updating for these higher grades. Sign up for updates.)


Pre-K: Introduce what the food brachot are and start to practice them together.

Kindergarten: Continue to learn what food brachot are and practice them together.

1st Grade: Teach the text of the food brachot and have them ask for what the brachot is.

2nd Grade: Teach the types of food brachot and have them start to put the correct foods with the correct brachot.

3rd Grade: Teach the after blessings for foods. Including the Didache version for Gentiles.

4th Grade: Other brachot for natural phenomenon, etc.

5th Grade-12th Grade: (Still updating for these higher grades. Sign up for updates.)

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