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Behold! Messianic Jewish Educations Lear

Our Torah Learning Map will guide kids on a thrilling journey through the Tanakh.

Learning the stories and lessons of the weekly parsha, studying the depths of God's word and following the work of the prophets.

Use this learning map and resources from our Community Resources Library to plan your family's religious education and your congregation/small group's children and youth programming.

Click a grade level topic below to display available resources from our Community Resources Library:

Torah Resources

Parshat Hashavua (Weekly Portions)

Pre-K: Basic Lessons From the Parsha Connected To Everyday Life

Kindergarten: Learn the Main Story of the Parsha

Learn Parsha Songs

1st Grade: Learn Weekly Parsha Stories

Identify Name of the Parsha From First Verse

2nd Grade: Know the Basic Storyline of the Parsha Stories

3rd Grade: Understand the Storyline and Its Connection with Important Lessons and Concepts From the Parsha

4th Grade: Focus on Common Questions Raised By Verses in the Parsha

Explore Various Commentaries Which Attempt to Answer Those Questions

5th Grade: Retelling the Story of the Parsha From Memory

6th Grade: Give Simple D'var Torah to Class and At The Shabbat Table

7th Grade: Give Simple D'var Torah During Community Event


2nd Grade: Parshiot Breishit, Noach, and Lech Lecha

3rd Grade: Parshiot Vayeira, Chayei Sarah, and Toldot

4th Grade: Breishit Chapters 28-50

5th Grade: Shemot Chapters 1-20

6th Grade: Bamidbar Chapters 1-17

7th Grade: Bamidbar Chapters 20-36

8th Grade: Shemot Chapters 18-40

9th Grade: Vayikra

10th Grade: Breishit Chapters 23-25

11th Grade: Breishit Chapters 1-22

12th Grade: Making Disciples of Yeshua: Mentoring and Teaching Others


4th Grade: Sefer Yehoshua

5th Grade: Sefer Shoftim

6th Grade: Samuel's Career: 1st Samuel Chapters 1-27

7th Grade: King David: 1st Samuel 28 and 2nd Samuel 23

8th Grade: First Temple Period: 1st Kings Chapters 1-16

9th Grade: First Temple Period: 1st Kings Chapter 17 - 2nd Kings Chapter 13

10th Grade: First Temple Period: 2nd Kings Chapters 14-20

11th Grade: First Temple Period: 2nd Kings Chapters 21-25

12th Grade: Second Temple Period: Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther, Hagai, Zechariah, Malachi

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