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Learn the Food Blessings: Brachot Challenge Workbook - Digital Download


A hallmark of a disciple of Yeshua is their gratitude to God for all the blessings in their lives! Help young disciples of Yeshua develop this attitude of gratitude with the Brachot Challenge Workbook! Challenge them to thank God before each meal and see them develop an appreciation for all the things God provides!


This workbook has over twenty full color pages of solid teaching on how to bless God before eating different kinds of foods, fun questions and activities to solidify their learning. They will learn the blessings in both English and Hebrew. Great for self paced learning or as a workbook to use in a classroom setting. 


Purchase the companion game, Bless Up! 4-in-1 card game, with this digital download. Bless Up! helps students identify the proper blessing for common food items in a fun and engaging way.

Learn The Food Blessings: Brachot Challenge Workbook

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