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Many teachings of Yeshua are about giving tzedakah (charity). In this Choice Menu, students will be able to explore the laws of giving charity and explain the importance of giving in secret. Give them the knowledge they need to participate in this important mitzvah!


What Are Choice Menus?

We know kids thrive on choice! Activities which match their unique way of learning provide motivation to learn a new topic. Choice Menus provide the structure to allow kids to do their very best.


How Do You Use Choice Menus In A Lesson?

Choice Menus are versatile. You can have kids research the topic on their own and complete a Choice Menu with support from you. You can also present a lesson on the topic to a class or small group of students and then use the Choice Menu to check for understanding and extend their learning. The great part of Choice Menus is they are open enough that students can do their own research and learn it at any level, from a very general understanding to an in-depth study.


We have provided some resources to get you started on the topic but do not feel like you must stay only with these resources. Enjoy researching together and discovering new things.

Giving In Secret Choice Menu

  • Zip file contains the following:



    11x8.5 pdf


    Print and Fold: 

    17x11 Landscape pdf 

    Print double-sided, flip on short edge

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