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Sparks of Messiah Online Torah School


2022-2023 Tuition


Class Name: Taste of the Kingdom

Age Group: 1st-3rd Grades (Early Elementary Class)

Learning Track: Discipleship to Yeshua


Description: The Messianic Age is on the brink of arrival, and as disciples we are charged to faithfully await his return. In Taste of the Kingdom, young disciples will begin to explore prayer, good deeds, and Torah study as a means to bring about the coming of the Messiah. We will examine and discuss many of Yeshua’s miracles as the reality of the coming Kingdom of Heaven.


Our Journey will pick up with the arrest of Yochanan the Immerser, Yeshua moving to Kefar Nachum, and examining many of Yeshua’s miracles. We will see Yeshua anointed and meet Miriam Magdalit and Shoshannah. Our journey will then come to a close with Yeshua’s family seeking to speak with him, and the miraculous healing of a mute and blind man.


Day and Time: Mondays, 5:00pm-6:00pm (Central Time)

Frequency: Weekly, Year Long Class

Cost: $480, scholarships and payment plans available. 

Taste of the Kingdom - Early Elementary Class

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