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Hallel Children’s Book Activity

Tehillim 113-118 are called the Hallel, they are sung during holidays like Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot. Just like the festivals show the process of redemption, the Tehillim which make up the Hallel tell the story of the redemption.

You will be using the imagery from the Hallel to create a children’s book. This will be an exciting activity, so let’s get started!


  1. Read Tehillim 113-118 and start to think about how each of them are telling one part of the redemption story.

  2. Watch this short video, which breaks the Tehillim into the parts of the redemption story. Take notes, if you would like to help you when you have to create the children’s book.

  3. You are now ready to start to work on your children’s book. Take four pieces of blank paper and fold them in half. Staple them along the fold to create a book.

  4. Decide which part of the story told in the Hallel you will include on each page and start to sketch your pages.

  5. Once you have done some of the sketching, go back and fill in the detail, colors and text.

  6. When you are done with your children’s book, record yourself reading it to someone and post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @BeholdEducation .

Additional Resources:

  1. Learn to pray Tehillim.

  2. Use the Tehillim Chooser app to find Tehillim to pray for your specific situation.



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