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Instruments of Tehillim/Psalm Brochure Activity

There are many instruments mentioned in the book of Tehillim. Some of them are familiar and so of them you might not have heard of. To be honest, we don’t always know what the right translation from Hebrew for some of the instruments. But for this activity, we are going to use the instruments which are listed in Tehillim 150 to create a brochure on the instruments of Tehillim! Let’s get started!


  1. Read Tehillim 150 and write down all the instruments which it lists for us to use to praise God.

  2. Research what each of those instruments look like, what sounds they make and how they are made.

  3. Once you have done your research, take a blank piece of paper and fold it into a tri-fold brochure.

  4. Create a front cover and a back cover. Then with the sections which are left in your brochure, choose a few of the instruments you did research on and include their name, a picture of what they look like, how you would describe their sound and how they are made.

  5. Add some color to your brochure, and post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @BeholdEducation

Additional Resources:

  1. Learn to pray Tehillim.

  2. Use the Tehillim Chooser app to find Tehillim to pray for your specific situation.

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