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Conductor of Praise Poster Activity

Tehillim 148 calls the reader to the position of conductor of praise for God! You can imagine standing on the edge of a cliff with the conductor’s wand and pointing to each thing as you call out: “Praise Him, sun and moon! Praise Him, all bright stars!…”

For this activity you are going to create a poster which includes all of the things Tehillim 148 calls on to praise God. There is quite a list but that will be part of the fun of this activity! Can you creatively find a place for each thing in a poster?


  1. Read Tehillim 148 and write down a list of everything which is being commanded to praise God. (i.e. Heavens, heights, angels, legions, sun, moon, bright stars, etc.)

  2. Get a regular sized piece of paper (or bigger) and start drawing pictures of each of the things from your list.

  3. Add some color and maybe a title.

  4. Take a picture of your poster and post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @BeholdEducation

Additional Resources:

  1. Learn to pray Tehillim.

  2. Use the Tehillim Chooser app to find Tehillim to pray for your specific situation.

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