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The Story of Esther In Tehillim/Psalm 22 Activity

It is said that Tehillim 22 describes what will happen to the Jewish people in the time of the Persians and the story of Esther. In this activity you are going to do some detective work to find out what the connections are between the story of Esther and Tehillim 22! Once you have collected enough evidence then you will write a one paragraph Detective Report presenting your findings!


  1. Read Tehillim 22 and learn the details of the story of Esther.

  2. Take some notes about what connections are between Tehillim 22 and the story of Esther. For example, in the beginning of Tehillim 22 it starts with David crying out to God, just as the Jewish people of Persia were afraid and called out to God to save them.

  3. Write a paragraph about what you have found from your detective work. You can organize it like a Detective Report a Private Investigator might complete for their client.

  4. When you are finished, post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @BeholdEducation 

Additional Resources:

  1. Learn to pray Tehillim.

  2. Use the Tehillim Chooser app to find Tehillim to pray for your specific situation.


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